Menu of the restaurant and hotel complex "Krakow"

Improvisation in any art form has its limitations and laws. But not in the culinary workshop of the restaurant “Krakow”. There is complete freedom of creativity, and guests of the restaurant have the opportunity to enjoy more and more new masterpieces of our chefs.

The menu of the restaurant “Krakow” is extensive, restaurant. There are dishes from Ukrainian and European cuisine. Special attention should be paid to Polish cuisine – Polish sausages of their own production, bigos, karchek, pies. We strive to carry a part of Polish culture with dignity and we hope that we succeed.

If you are a fan of grilled dishes – we have an excellent hosper menu! Remember! – All products are cooked in hosper, fully retain vitamins and have everyone’s favorite aroma of smoke.

And that’s not all, come to “Krakow” and see for yourself!