Polish pub Bigos

польський Паб Piwnica
Bigos Pub at the Krakow Hotel and Restaurant Complex

To say that Poles love beer is to say nothing. Every year, the average Polish person drinks about 93 liters of this golden drink. Poland occupies a leading position in the consumption of intoxicating drink not only in Europe but also around the world.

The tradition of Polish brewing is one of the oldest in the world: according to the historical chronicles of Tietmar Mersenburg, beer was known in Poland at the end of the 10th century. Around the same time, the first royal brewery was opened.

Following the Polish beer traditions, the KRAKOW restaurant has a Polish pub Bigos, where guests can enjoy beer and taste both traditional Polish snacks and full-fledged restaurant dishes, as well as dance to music. View the bar menu

The Polish pub at the restaurant and hotel complex KRAKIV will be able to accommodate a company of up to 50 people and small groups of friends who appreciate a democratic holiday! Come to us and see for yourself!

Also, the Pub is perfect for your holiday for a small company.

Book a table or get a consultation by calling 38 (063) 033-02-10

Kyiv, Brest-Litovsk highway, 8-A

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